Garajonay: Itinerarios - El Bailadero

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 15 min.

Length: 0,5 km

Rise/fall: 80 m

Self-guided: Yes. 

This route has numbered poles for audio-guiding. Download it in this link

This short walk offers some magnificent views of Los Roques and the steeply sloping head of the Barranco de Hermigua ravine. On the short section which runs along the mountaintops, there is also the possibility of feeling in your own body the difference of environments between the northerly slopes, often shrouded in mist, even in the summer, covered in moist laurisilva and the unusal brezales de tejo, where the moss and lichen proliferate, on the southward facing slopes of the island, which are much drier.

It also passes by rocky walls, where you can enjoy the lovely rock vegetation in moist environments as well as observing a volcanic dyke from close up.

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