Garajonay: Itinerarios - Cañada de Jorge

- Difficulty:: Low

- Duration:: 1 h. 20 min. 

- Length: 3,2 km 

- Rise/fall:: 120 m 

- Self-guided:: No 

- Connections:: walk 12, GR131, PRLG-11

This walk takes you over much of its layout through fayal-brezal, a type of woodland that is characteristic of the southern slopes of the Park, which are less favoured by the mists.

Nevertheless, close to the summit, in the vicinity of the road which runs along the ridge and in the ravines, the woodlands are most fully developed; in these places it is possible to observe species with a greater need of moisture.

At the bottom of the ravine it is possible to observe a small channel of water of limited size which once led a small stream of water from the spring to the nearby centres of population.

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