Garajonay: Itinerarios - Agando - La Laja - Agando

Difficulty: High

Duration: 3h. 15 min.

Length: 5,8 km

Rise/fall: 600 m

Self-guided: No

Conexiones: PRLG16

Partial overlap with other routes: GR131

This path was partially affected by August 2012 wild fire.

The walk enables you to enjoy the view of Los Roques during the first section probably the most monumental set of volcanic pitons in the Canary Islands. It runs through a young fayalbrezal which gives way, once you leave the Park, to a wood of planted Canarian pine.

The walk reaches the bottom of a ravine with permanently running water, with the hamlet of La Laja nearby surrounded by a pretty landscape of agricultural terraces. One much shorter option is to reach the edge of the National Park and then come back.

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