Garajonya: Itinerarios - La Meseta de Hermigua (Las tres cascadas)

Difficulty: Low

Duration: 30 min.

Length: 0,7 km

Rise/fall: 30 m

Partial overlap with other routes: 11

Self-guided: Yes..

This route has numbered poles for audio-guiding. Download it in this link

This path is at the lowest height above sea level in the National Park. Here, apart from finding elements of the heritage of the island such as the little niche devoted to the Virgen de Guadalupe, the patron saint of the island, the visitor can enjoy one of the permanent watercourses in the Park, which runs down in tiny waterfalls.

The walk also offers riverside vegetation with a plantation of willows and laurisilva woodlands where ferns appear in a large size close to the watercourse as well as barbusanos in steep locations. This is a characteristic species of the dry laurel woodlands in the lower areas of the Park.

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