Garajonay: Itinerarios - Pajarito - El Cedro - Tajaqué - Pajarito

Difficulty: High

Duration: 6 h. 30 min.

Length: 12,7 km

Rise/fall: 530 m

Self-guided: No

Connections: footpath Alto -Chipude, walks: 14 y 15

Partial overlap with other routes: 7, 9, 2, 8, GR131

This path was partially affected by August 2012 wild fire.

This is the longest walk in the National Park and one of the most varied, allowing you to enjoy the different kinds of ecosystem located in the highlands and the northern slopes of the Park: brezales de cumbre (mountain heather) covered by carpets of moss, laurisilva that is restricted to the mountainsides, laurisilva with viñatigos which is characteristic of the bottoms of the ravines, which sometimes reaches a considerable height, permanently running water and beautiful landscapes, both forests and the lower and drier areas of the island.

Among them, it is worth pointing out the surroundings of Los Roques and, due to its geological interest, the horizontal basalts of the caldera de Benchijigua. In this latter area, it is possible to observe rare species such as the Canarian cedar or the blue tajinaste.

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