cop25 - visados

Given the time limitations and with the key priority of ensuring the full and effective participation of all delegations, special provisions are being established for delegates requiring Schengen visas. Spain has 182 consulates worldwide which will be the focal points for visa issuance. Clear instructions have been sent out to all the consulates to guarantee a speedy visa issue procedure. 

In the vast majority of countries where Spain does not have Diplomatic Representation or a Consular Office, visas will be handled by other Schengen States representing us. Agreements have been reached with these countries so that the visas of COP 25 participants can be issued quickly. 

To permit the issue of visa to participants from a small number of countries where we have no Embassies or Consulates and are not represented by any other Schengen country, it has been agreed that the Secretariat will facilitate flight plans with stopovers in cities with a Spanish Embassy or Consulate which will then issue the visas fast-track.