COP25 - zona verde

The Green Zone occupies some 3,000 m2 located in pavilion 1 of Feria de Madrid – IFEMA.

It is a space open to civil society with the objective of increasing environmental awareness.  The activities carried out in this space deal with just transition, health, gender, sustainable finance, innovation, forests, science and climate change or solutions based on nature.

The Green Zone has 7 differentiated spaces:

- Ágora: It has an area of 600 m2 with capacity for about 250 people. Here is the turquoise space, a point of interconnection between the green zone and the blue zone where the most relevant events that take place in the blue zone are emitted to establish a dialogue between the two spaces.

- Sectoral action for the climate: a space where the sponsors of COP25 have a presence. Non-commercial exhibitions and activities linked to climate action are programmed here. 

- Civil society: a space where various cultural and participative activities take place. 

- Young people: this is the area where the activities most related to educational and awareness-raising themes take place.

- Innovation and Science: managed directly by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, it shows the advances in innovation in the fight against climate change.

- Mare Nostrum: led by Spain, it serves as a showcase for the presentation of projects and debate. 

- Indigenous Peoples: a space led by Chile that promotes the meeting and participation of the indigenous peoples of Chile in the global strategy of climate change.

The Green Zone received approximately 1,400 proposals for activities and events, of which around 450 are being carried out. Check the agenda of activities here

You can also view all the activities in this document. Download it!