Garajonay: Servicios externos

  • La Gomera accommodation

    La Gomera has a wide range of accommodation to offer, from luxury hotels to simple and comfortable country cottages. In the north of the island it is the cottages that predominate, located in different villages and hamlets, although it is also possible to find a small hotel or guest house in a well-tended setting.

    The apartments are concentrated above all on the coast and nearby, mainly in the holiday areas of Valle Gran Rey and Playa de Santiago, which are associated with sun and sand.

    In almost all the villages of the island there are guest houses. The four-star hotels have a well-earned prestige and are of excellent quality. They are the Parador (in San Sebastián), Jardín Tecina (in Santiago) and Hotel Gran Rey (in Valle Gran Rey).

    Camping is not allowed in the Park but if you wish to spend the night in the vicinity, you can do so in guest houses, cottages and camping area that are in the hamlets that are closest to the National Park.

    In order to obtain more information on the accommodation options on the island, take a look at the following webside:

  • Tourist offices

    Playa Santiago

    Ed. Las Vistas. Local 8, Avda. Marítima, s/n

    Tfno: 922 895 650 - fax: 922 895 651


    San Sebastián

    Calle Real, 4

    Tfno: 922 141 512 - fax: 922 870 281


    Valle Gran Rey

    C/ Lepanto, s/n. La Playa

    Tfno. / fax: 922 805 458

  • Transport services

    • Public transport:

      Bus station of San Sebastián

      Avda. Vía de Ronda

      Tfnº.: 922 141 101

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    • Taxis:

      Hermigua: Tfnº.: 922 880 047

      Playa Santiago: Tfnº.: 922 895 017

      San Sebastián: Tfnº.: 922 870 524

      Valle Gran Rey: Tfnº.: 922 805 058

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