Garajonay: Itinerarios - Pajarito - Ajugal - Pajarito

Difficulty: Low
Duration: 2 h. 15 min.
Length: 5,5 km
Desnivel: 110 m
Self-guided: no
Connections: walk 14, PRLG-15, footpath to Imada
Partial overlap with other routes: 7, 18

This path was severely affected by August 2012 wild fire.

This walk, located on the southward facing slopes of the Park, runs through a number of areas of young fayal brezal, which were covered until only a few years ago by pine plantations, which show the results of the great efforts that have been made on the programmes of restoration of the plant life.

In the lowest part of the walk, it is possible to observe pine plantations that are being replaced by formations of fayalbrezal. Those parts of the walk that run by the edge of the central plateau of the island have lovely views of the erosive calderas of Benchijigua and Imada.

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