Garajonay: Itinerarios - Laguna Grande II

Difficulty: Low

Duration: 1 h. 40 min.

Lenght: 3,8 km

Rise/fall: 100 m 

Self-guided: Yes

Connections: Track to El Cercado

Partial overlap with other routes: 3, 14

This route has numbered poles for audio-guiding. Download it in this link

This path was partially affected by August 2012 wild fire.

In the first part, this walk runs along an ancient bridleway which is cobbled in the steeper sections, running through the fayal-brezal arboreo, the forest that is characteristic of the southward facing slopes of the Park, which are less well covered by the mists.

Subsequently, you come across great trunks, the remains of eucalyptus that have been eliminated with the aim of restoring the original vegetation. The Park borders on a landscape of vineyards.

From here, the route continues along the branch of the track which again goes into the woodlands, running through a planted pinewood and a small clump of chestnut trees (an introduced species). Then there are some pretty banks of ferns and views of the Fortaleza de Cherelepin, a volcanic dome covered in vegetation.

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