Garajonay: Itineraries - Las Creces

Troncos cubiertos de musgo

    - Difficulty: Low
    - Duration: 1 h. 30 minutes
    - Length: 4,2 km
    - Rise/fall: 100 m
    - Self-guided: Yes.  
    - Connections: footpaths to Arure, Las Hayas, Raso de la Bruma and Vallehermoso
    - Partial overlap with other routes: GR131
    - This route has numbered poles for audio-guiding. Download it in this link

    This is a superb walk, recommended for all kinds of visitors, which allows you to walk through the ancient and lovely fayal-brezal. The carpets of Canarian geranium, which in springtime decorate the undergrowth, are especially lovely. It is also possible to observe the laurisilva in the south of the Park, which is to be found at the bottom of the watercourse.

    At the bottom of this same ravine, there is still a small ancient channel which once carried a small stream of water from the spring to the nearby centres of population, which shows us the importance of the woodland as a producer of water. The area has a small barbecue and picnic area which is much used by the local population at weekends and during the summer.

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