Environmental Profile of Spain 2009. Indicator-based Report



The Environmental Profile of Spain 2009 is the 6th edition of the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs‘ report on the state of the environment in Spain. As in years past, this publication provides an overview of the situation, increases our knowledge about the environment, provides specific data, monitors policies intended to mainstream environmental criteria into the country’s production sectors, and serves as an important tool in the ongoing dissemination and awareness-raising campaigns run by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.

It is possible to buy copies of this report through the Ministry publications store online.

0. Introduction, Foreword and Summary

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  • Presentation
  • Foreword
  • Summary

1. Background

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  • Territory and climate
  • Administrative structure
  • Current and projected population
  • Economic development
  • Productive sectors
  • Towards the knowledge and innovation society

2. Indicators: themes and sectors

- 2.1 Air

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  • Emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Emissions of acidifying and eutrophying gases and tropospheric ozone precursors
  • Emissions of particulate matter
  • Regional background air quality for the protection of health and vegetation

- 2.2 Water

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  • Water consumption
  • Reservoir water levels
  • Natural water resources
  • Brackish and sea water desalination
  • Treatment of urban wastewater
  • Quality of bathing water

- 2.3 Land

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  • Changes in land cover: artificial surfaces
  • Artificial surfaces along the coast
  • Contaminated land
  • Area affected by erosion

- 2.4 Nature and biodiversity

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  • Forest defoliation
  • Wooded area and other forest formations
  • Trends in common bird populations
  • Environmental monitoring

- 2.5 Coast and marine environment

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  • Marine biodiversity: protected marine areas
  • Artificial reefs
  • Jellyfish swarms

- 2.6 Green economy

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  • Energy intensity of the economy
  • Total material requirement
  • Green jobs
  • Research and development

- 2.7 Waste

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  • Urban waste generation
  • Urban waste management: landfill and incineration
  • Paper and cardboard recycling
  • Glass recycling
  • Packaging waste recycling and recovery
  • Sewage sludge production and use

- 2.8 Agriculture

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  • Fertiliser consumption
  • Phytosanitary product consumption
  • Organic farming
  • Organic livestock farming
  • Irrigated area
  • Eco-efficiency of agriculture

- 2.9 Energy

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  • Primary energy intensity
  • Energy-related GHG emissions intensity
  • Renewable energy
  • Eco-efficiency of energy

- 2.10 Industry

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  • Atmospheric emissions by industry
  • Energy consumption by industry
  • Waste generation by industry
  • Number of industrial enterprises with Environmental Management Systems
  • Eco-efficiency of industry

- 2.11 Fishing

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  • Number of vessels and fishing fleet capacity
  • Fishing fleet catches
  • Aquaculture production
  • Eco-efficiency of fishing and aquaculture

- 2.12 Tourism

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  • Number of foreign tourists per inhabitant
  • Number of foreign tourists per kilometre of coast
  • Tourist Population Equivalent (TPE) in the areas with the highest number of overnight stays
  • Number of visitors to National Parks
  • Rural tourism: accommodation, capacity, tourists and overnight stays
  • Trends in the main variables affecting tourism in Spain

- 2.13 Transport

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  • Total inter-city transport volume: modal split
  • Emissions of air pollutants by transport
  • Air transport
  • Waste generated by transport: End-of-Life tyres (ELTs)
  • Eco-efficiency of transport

- 2.14 Households

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  • Number of passenger cars per household
  • Urban waste production per household
  • Energy consumption per household
  • Emissions of CO2 by households
  • Water consumption per household
  • Gross disposable household income
  • Eco-efficiency of households

- 2.15 Urban environment

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  • Urban pressure on land
  • Air quality in the urban environment
  • Environmental noise
  • Architectural heritage of Spain's cities
  • Metropolitan areas: modes of public transport
  • Public participation in environmental policy

- 2.16 Natural and technological disasters

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  • Fatalities due to natural disasters
  • Drought
  • Forest fires
  • Road and rail accidents causing possible environmental damage
  • Oil spills due to maritime accidents
  • Industrial accidents involving dangerous substances

3. Information by Autonomous community: basic data

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Introduction and data sheets in alphabetical order

4. Appendices

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I Index of acronyms and abbreviations

II Thematic index of indicators

III Alphabetical index of indicators

IV Contributors to production and review of this report

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