Información ambiental. Convenio de Aarhus

The Aarhus Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters, as well as the European Union regulations derived from it, represent the concept of open and transparent public administration. The public thus enjoys the right to access environmental information held by public authorities.

International and European Union commitments require the dissemination of extensive environmental information, such as information on legislation, on the state of the environment, on projects, plans and programmes or on decisions taken that may affect the environment.

This contributes to fulfilling the constitutional mandate to guarantee the right of everyone to enjoy an environment suitable for the development of the person as well as to comply with everybody’s duty to preserve it.

Regarding the right to participation in decision-making in environmental matters, you may check procedures subject to public participation related to the Ministry's competences at the following link.

Finally, regarding the right of access to justice in environmental matters, legal aid is recognised in favour of environmental NGOs in accordance with the case law of the Supreme Court contained in the Orders of 16 January 2018 and 13 March 2019.

You may request more information on the Aarhus Convention, Law 27/2006, and the rights of access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental matters, by writing an email to

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