Programa LIFE

Naturaleza y Biodiversidad


  • LIFE16 NAT/ES/000168: LIFE PALUDICOLA. Habitat restoration for the Spring and Autumn migration of the Aquatic Warbler in the Iberian Peninsula.
    Beneficiario coordinador: Fundación Global Nature
  • LIFE16 NAT/ES/000235: AQUILA a-LIFE. Accomplish Western Mediterranean Bonelli's Eagle recovery by working together for an electricity grid suitable for birds
    Beneficiario coordinador: Grupo para la Rehabilitación de la Fauna Autóctona y su Hábitat (GRIFA)
  • LIFE16 NAT/ES/000573: LIFE OSO COUREL. Actions to favour cantabrian brown bear expansion to new territories in Serra do Courel (Galicia, Spain).
    Beneficiario coordinador: Fundación Oso Pardo
  • LIFE16 NAT/ES/000707: LIFE IN COMMON LAND. Managing land in common, a sustainable model for conservation and rural development in Special Areas of Conservation. 
    Beneficiario coordinador: Deputación Provincial de Lugo
  • LIFE16 NAT/ES/000768: LIFE ALNUS. Restoration, conservation and governance of the Alnus aluvial forests in the Mediterranean Region.
    Beneficiario coordinador: Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya
  • LIFE16 NAT/ES/000771: LIFE FLUVIAL. Improvement and sustainable management of river corridors of the Iberian Atlantic Region.
    Beneficiario coordinador: Universidad de Oviedo

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