Voluntariado Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad en Finlandia en desarrollo sostenible

Plazo de inscripción: 2019 y 2020
Organiza: YesEuropa.org
Lugar: Pirkanmaa, Finlandia

YesEuropa de voluntariado con el Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad busca personas interesadas para colaborar en Finlandia en desarrollo sostenible y promocionar un estilo de vida ecológico, con todos los gastos pagados: transporte, alojamiento, comida, dinero de bolsillo, seguro privado, curso de idioma alemán y formación. Se requiere un nivel intermedio de inglés para un mejor aprovechamiento de la experiencia.

Sobre el proyecto 

The objective of the hosting organization is to vivify the country side life in many ways, promote holistic ecological lifestyle and global sustainable development, as well as to encourage communality, be open for surroundings and cooperate local, national and international ways. We want to develop our role as an international cooperator and create good and active partnerships with our supporting organisations.

Everyone gets easily a lot of information about how bad the situation is in this planet. People often feel alone, hopeless and stuck, don`t know what to do. We believe that all small things can make a big difference. We do our best to live more sustainably, build up communality, be open for new ideas and make our baby steps for better, safer future. Volunteers from different countries bring our organisation their ideas, worries, solutions for us to improve our work. And the aim is that they will learn many new things here, they will have trust for themselves and future and increase their capacity to act.

Actividades durante este CES en Finlandia

Our ecovillage is easily reachable, with low threshold, for everyone who`s interested in sustainable and communal living. We host visitors and groups and have several open doors days (n.15/year).

Sustainable tasks are part of daily work: life handling (cleaning, kitchen, composting etc maintenance and sustenance work), seasonal nature work-projects, small and bigger happenings, ecological repairing and building, cultural projects.

Except the work in the ecovillage, we cooperate with non-profit organisations, Vesilahti community and local actors in Pirkanmaa. We will work under our aims with youth workers, teachers, student council and youth parliament. We take first steps in grass root charity work together with partners. We keep open dialogue with our supporting partners.


In year 2020 activity period begins at 1/3 and ends at 30/12 + 2 travelling days.
In year 2021 activity period begins at 1/3 and ends at 30/12 + 2 travelling days.
In year 2021 volunteering team project in autumn (10 participants / 1 month).
Durante todo 2019 y 2020 pueden remitirse las candidaturas hasta completar las becas.
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