Environmental Profile of Spain 2018. Indicator-based Report [NIPO: 638-19-083-2]


The Environmental Profile of Spain 2018 is a report prepared by the Directorate-General for Biodiversity and Environmental Quality (National Focal Point of the European Environment Agency in Spain) reporting to the Ministry for Ecological Transition. This annual series, which began with the Environmental Profile of Spain 2004, has the objective of making the details of the environmental situation in Spain accessible to the largest possible audience, providing readers with information broken down per autonomous community and in reference to the European Union.

It comprises a first section that includes the specific thematic analysis on the situation of environmental information. A second section covering four fields of knowledge comprising the environmental and sectoral topics on which the environmental information is structured with 70 indicators displayed in a synthetic way by means of a description sheet. The third section covers the Autonomous Communities and summarises, on one single page, certain basic socio-economic and environmental aspects, with special reference to the environmental reports and website links where readers can find the reference environmental information for each autonomous community. Section four includes four annexes that complete the contents and use of the document. Since the 2012 edition, the publication has been available to download and is available for mobile devices, formats that have been maintained this year.