XVI Seminar of Environmental Documentation Centers and Protected Natural Areas

  • Names

    Naturgune Babestu Eta Ingurumeneko Dokumentazio-Zentroen XVI Minitegia
    XVI Seminario de Centros de Documentación Ambiental e Espazos Naturais Protexidos
    XVI Seminari de Centres de Documentació Ambiental i d´Espais Naturals Protegits
  • Place and dates

    Participantes en el XVI Seminario de Centros de documentación

    Oleiros, A Coruña, from 27th to 29th September 2017

  • Coordination

    Rosario Toril. Documentary Center from CENEAM).

    Ana Pardo. CEIDA. Center of University Extension and Environmental Divulgation of Galicia.

    Montserrat Grabolosa. Natural park Zona Volcánica de Garrotxa. Generalitat of Catalonia.

  • Introduction

    Acto de bienvenida Carlos Vales, director del CEIDA y de Xosé Luís Armesto Barbeito, rector de la Universidade da Coruña

    Welcome address by Carlos Vales, Director of CEIDA and Xosé Luís Armesto Barbeito, Rector of the University of A Coruña.

    From September 27 to 29, the XVI edition of the Seminar of Environmental Documentation Centers and Protected Natural Areas was held in the facilities of CENEAM in Oleiros, A Coruña. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to bring together 43 professionals in the field of environmental information management from 15 Autonomous Communities of the Spanish State. CENEAM, CEIDA and the Documentation Center of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park of the Generalitat of Catalonia were the organizers.

    This year there was a section on the theme of institutional repositories and the centers presented their projects on digitalization and accessibility, compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN in specialized libraries, the Agri-Food Knowledge Exchange Network (RICA), the celebration of the European Day of Parks, children's literature and the environment, open access and editorial policies, and the creation of a thesaurus with a free software tool.

    In addition, we have known the funds and services of the Barcelona Science Museum and the Documentation Center Menorca Biosphere Reserve. We have also held two workshops: one on the reuse and analysis of open data, miners and cartography of textual information; and another on the program of the Society and 2020 Protected Areas.

    We also carried out the formalization of the creation of an association that will give legal personality to the network, as we believe that this will facilitate the management to carry out a joint project.

    We exchanged information on the publications provided by the centers and took advantage of the breaks (some of which were sponsored by Soria Natural) or excursions to make professional contacts and get to know the surrounding area. The hosts offered us a tour of the castle and its island, a route through the Natural Monument of Seixo Branco-Costa de Dexo, where we saw very interesting geological formations, and an ecological route through the Tower of Hercules and Punta Heminia in A Coruña.

  • Seminar development

    Wednesday 27th September 2017

    After the welcome by the head of CEIDA Carlos Vales and Xosé Luís Armesto Barbeito, the Dean of the University of A Coruña, Montse Grabolosa and Rosario Toril presented the activities memory of the previous year, ending with a summary video made by Chelo Pons from the Depository Library of the United Nations, University of Valencia. Also commented on the good reception of the II Premio de fotografía RECIDA (II RECIDA Photo Award), and some improvements were made to the regulation and awards for the next edition.

    Given the current importance of digital repositories, we have prepared a monograph with the following contributions:


    Next, Alfonso Peña of the CIMA (Environmental Research Center) presented a fun way to learn about his religion and their environment through an escape game they developed called “Reto RioPanero” (RioPanero Challenge), where you have to sharpen your wits and work together as a team to solve the environmental problems they propose before time runs out.

    The afternoon concluded with the following presentations:


    Thursday 28th September 2017

    We start the conference with the contribution of Montserrat Tafalla from CRAI of the Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona who, together with Rosario Toril from CENEAM Documentation Centre, presented the draft statutes of the RECIDA Association, which were discussed and approved in its main features by the participants.

    This was followed by a data visualization workshop led by Mario Pérez-Montoro from the University of Barcelona and Aina Borràs from Web of Science, which included some group exercises and demonstrated the importance of using appropriate graphics for a good presentation and the enormous impact of statistical data.

    They then three new communications:


    There was also a guided visit to CEIDA's Environmental Documentation Center to learn about its resources and didactic materials.

    In the afternoon, the working groups met, of which this time there were 4, as it was considered interesting to create a new group to collect initiatives and promote actions for RECIDA centers to participate in the fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. The groups were:

    • Small libraries / parks.
    • Web portal.
    • Marketing and social network.
    • Sustainable Development Goals.


    Pepe Pino from the Sierra Nevada N.P. then led realizó a workshop on reuse and analysis of open data: text mining and mapping of textual information with R.Temis, R. Studio and R. Commander.

    We ended the day with a walk through the Seixo Branco, in the Costa de Dexo Natural Monument and a beautiful sunset as a prelude to the traditional regional dinner and book exchange at the Santa Cruz Castle.

    Friday 29th September 2017

    The day began with a workshop by Javier Puertas of Europarc Spain, in which he presented the 8 strategic lines of the Society and Protected Areas Program 2020 and asked for the collaboration of participants in the 2020 Program.

    Afterwards, the leaders presented the results of the working groups:

    Small Libraries/ Parks

    The centers would like to have Koha training and documentation in general. CENEAM will provide this training to see if it can be included in the courses of the Network of National Parks. They also stressed the need to migrate their collections to the Autonomous National Parks Organization (OAPN) catalog.

    Marketing and social network

    • Creating a distribution list so the members can communicate fluently.
    • Sharing the Twitter profile information and passwords with the group so that everyone can dynamize the account.
    • Schedule events to dynamite the account and spread more information.
    • Periodically provide information, photos, and links to the center.
    • Link the anniversaries to the SDGs. Some of these days could be:
      • Environmental Education Day: January 26
      • Sustainable Energy Day: February 14
      • Day of Forests : March 21
      • Water Day: March 22
      • Day of the Book: April 23
      • Parks Day: May 24
      • Environment Day: June 5
      • Biodiversity Day: May 22


    Sustainable Development Goals

    Examine what our institutions are doing to achieve the SDGs and present what documentation centers or libraries are doing or can do as support and added value, also with the possibility of doing some joint activities between the centers.

    • Work mainly with Goals 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), 13 (Climate Action), 14 (Life below Water) and 15 (Life on Land)
      • In a first phase: Miguel Navas will prepare a text and a form to fill in data and will conduct a small survey to the centers to see what goals are being worked on, what specific goals are being pursued and with what actions.
      • In a second phase: Javier Puertas will prepare a descriptive sheet with indicators to capture the concreteness of the different actions.
      • In a third stage, all the information collected will be posted on the RECIDA website through the Web Portal working group.
    • We will strive to ensure that the proposed actions are not one-off actions, but should have continuity.


    Web portal. At the suggestion of Mario Pérez Montoro, a categorization of the contents of the current web page will be carried out with the 'card sorting', aimed at the user.

    And the proposals for 2017-2018 were discussed:

    • The Zaragoza Water Center will try to organize the next seminar as it celebrates its 15th anniversary.
    • Wikipedia working group.
    • Guide with resources on the SDGs.
    • Participation in:
      • World Volcano Congress (May 2018)
      • European Environment Agency's EIONET Annual Communication Conference (October 2017)
      • II National Ecotourism Congress, 7-9 November in Guadalupe (Cáceres)


    The final presentations of the Seminar then continued:


    Finally, the participants were able to evaluate and after lunch the planned visit to the area of the Tower of Hercules and Punta Herminia (A Coruña) took place.

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