V Seminar of Environmental Documentation Centers and Protected Natural Areas

  • Names

    Naturgune Babestu Eta Ingurumeneko Dokumentazio-Zentroen V. Mintegia
    V Seminario de Centros de Documentación Ambiental e Espazos Naturais Protexidos
    V Seminari de Centres de Documentació Ambiental i D'Espais Naturals Protegits

  • Place and date

    CENEAM. Valsaín (Segovia), from 5th to 7th June 2006

  • Coordination

    Montserrat Grabolosa. Documentary Center of the Natural Park from Zona Volcánica of Garrotxa. Environment and Habitat from Generalitat of Catalonia.
    Rosario Toril. Documentary Center from CENEAM.

  • Introduction

    This seminar edition celebrated in the facilities from CENEAM in Valsaín (Segovia) from 5th to 7th June 2006. In there, it assisted 39 persons from 11 variant Autonomous Communities.

    It presented a series of experiences we related following and made two practical studios— one to help the assistants to manage correctly on the Red Iris list from the CSIC (Superior Council of Scientific Investigations) that they subscribed; the other studio was to delve into the recovering of information and web positioning. To carry both studios, it was necessary to rent informatic equipment.

  • Seminar development


    Welcome: Juan Carlos Dueñas. CENEAM Director

    Presentation of the new participants:

    • Ana María Sánchez Montañés. CINDOC-CSIC (Scientific Information and Documentary Center- Superior Council of Scientific Research)
    • Marga Muñóz Moreno. Documentary Center of Water and Environment. Local Government of Zaragoza
    • Mª Milagros Pereira Carnero y Concepción Díaz-Fierros Tabernero. Environment Ministry – Regional Government of Galicia
    • Francisca Jordá Catalá. Doñana Biological Station
    • Guadalupe Castro. Documentary Center of Natural Spaces. Autonomy University of Madrid

    Presentation of the results of working groups:

    Practical studio:

    • CDENPMA Iris Network list management and file exchange system workshop / Javier Puertas. Europarc Spain.

    Experiences presentation:


    Experiences presentation:


    • Information and documentation resources on protected natural areas / Javier Puertas. Europarc-Spain
    • Presentation and discussion of the brochure to disseminate the RECIDA network (Network of Evironmental Information and Documentary Centers from Spain)
  • Conclusions

    In conclusion, we underline the active participation of the assistants and the excellent group environment that has the Seminar, which makes easier collaboration and works in the network.

    We missed the lack of assistance of the Catalan Coordinator (Montserrat Grabolosa) due to personal issues, although she was involved in the coordination until the last moment.

    Monitoring and suggestions of new projects of common interest to the new participants of the Seminar:

    1. Distribution List and exchange of files servic
      It suggested that Javier Puertas request Red Iris to change the name of the Distribution List from CDENMPA to RECIDA, as well as the network.
    2. A pamphlet's publication
      A draft of the pamphlet was presented, with the mean of discuss its design and text. It wrote down the opinion of each participant to unite judgement and deal with all the suggestions as much as possible.
    3. Website
      It considered taking the opportunity to create a website for the RECIDA network. It considered several possibilities (a website from CENEAM, Red Iris, or a website with its domain). Several options will evaluate. Moreover, they will disseminate the most feasible one through the list.
    4. Topics of interest to be addressed in the next edition
      Digital library, web page evaluation, union catalog, integrate management, quality, human resources: skills, thesaurus.
  • Appendix: speakers and assistants


    • Isidro Aguillo. Internet Laboratory. CINDOC-CSIC (Scientific Information and Documentary Center- Superior Council of Scientific Research)


    • Alves, Isabel. Catalan Society of Environmental Education
    • Andrés Casanovas, Marc. Natural Park of Garraf
    • Bonet Carrera, Rosa. Generalitat of Catalonia. Environment and Habitat Department
    • Borràs Bou, Aina. Species Protection and Environmental Education from Baleares Island Government
    • Canyellas Isern, Teresa. Collserola Park
    • Castro, Guadalupe. Documentary Center of Natural Spaces. Autonomy University of Madrid
    • Círez Pueyo, Mª Jesús. General Directorate for Environmental Quality, Department of the Environment. Government of Aragon
    • Comerma Gómez, Marta. Park Montnegre i el Corredor
    • Cuellar, Leticia. Tenerife Environmental Planification Center (CEPLAM-Tenerife)
    • Díaz-Fierros, Concepción. Regional Government of Galicia, Environment Ministry
    • Escobar, Rosa. National Park of Monfragüe
    • Fernández Herrero, Susana. Investigation Center for the Peace. Employee´s House Foundation
    • Fortuño Domínguez, Salomé. Delta del Ebro, dels Ports del Montsant and de Poblet Natural Park
    • García, Cristina. Agriculture, Fishing and Food Ministry
    • Gomila Portella, Lina. Generalitat from Catalonia. Environmental and Habitat Department
    • Gracia, Sandra. Forestry Coordination and Planning Service from Directorate General of Natural Environment of the Government of Aragon
    • Hervás Garrachón, Berenice. Information and Environmental Documentary Center, Regional Goverment from Castilla y León
    • Hidalgo Martín, Belén. Las Palmas Environmental Planification Center (CEPLAM)
    • Iriarte Ollo, Jorge. Enviromental Resources Center from Navarra
    • Jiménez Obón, María. National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA)
    • Jordá Catalá, Francisca. Doñana Biological Station
    • Lopetegui, Oihane. Cristina Enea. Center for Sustainability Resources (San Sebastián)
    • López de Arriba Guerri, Piluca. Agriculture, Fishing and Food Ministry
    • Matesanz, Isabel. National Educational Environmental Center (CENEAM)
    • Moreno, Antonio. National Educational Environmental Center (CENEAM)
    • Morlanes, Delia. Documentary Center of Water and Environment. Local Government of Zaragoza
    • Muñóz, Marga. Documentary Center of Water and Environment. Local Government of Zaragoza
    • Neira García, Natalia. Documentary Center Domingo Quiroga (CEIDA- Oleiros)
    • Ovelleiro Valdespino, Reyes. Information and Environmental Documentary Center, Regional Goverment from Castilla y León
    • Pardo Cereijo, Ana Belén. Documentary Center Domingo Quiroga (CEIDA- Oleiros)
    • Pereira, Milagros. Environment Ministry – Regional Government of Galicia
    • Pérez Muñoz, Carmen. National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA)
    • Prieto Vicente, Jacinto. Centre for Didactic-Environmental Education and Research (Ingurugela-CEIDA-Bilbao)
    • Primo Peña, Elena. Healthy Institute Charles III
    • Puertas Blázquez, Javier. Europarc Spain
    • Rozas Alós, Eva. General Directorate for Environmental Quality, Department of the Environment. Government of Aragon
    • Toril Moreno, Rosario. National Educational Environmental Center (CENEAM)
    • Vicente Canillas, Jordi. Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

    : If you need more information about this seminar, please contact with the Documentary Center from CENEAM, using the following email: doc1.ceneam@oapn.es

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