Proposal for an order that run various decisions of the Supreme Court to annul the order TED/668/2020, of 17 july

Open the deadline for submission of claims.

The Order TED/668/2020, of 17 july, which establishes restorative parameters for the period between 1 october 2018 and 30 june 2019 as a result of the additional provision 8th del Real Decreto-ley 15/2018, 5 october, and which reviewed the values of remuneration in the operation for the first half of the year 2019, was overturned by devenidas firm sentences of the supreme court, numbers 977/2021 and 984/2021, as does not take into consideration the gini apuntamiento by technologies to keep making the value of the production of electrical energy into the discharge to the operation will need to make a new order that its place.

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